Teaching Philosophy
Learning is a mutual experience, it is a process not an end goal
I strongly encourage my students to share their thoughts in the classroom in a mutually respectful way. I show genuine interest in my students and listen to what they have to say. I am also strongly committed to incorporating new teaching methods to unlock the full potential of the students. More importantly, I recognize the need to implement new communication tools as an essential part of the learning toolkit. I encourage creativity in the classroom and believe that learning is a mutual process.

Courses Taught at University of California Irvine:
Spring 2016
Global Issues and Public Diplomacy

Fall 2016
Global Issues and Public Diplomacy
International Communication

Winter 2017
New Media and Diplomacy
Turkey: Rising Soft Power

Courses Taught at Ankara University:
Introduction to Public Diplomacy

Courses Taught at Atılım University:
Political Psychology


University of California Irvine, 3151 Social Science Plaza Irvine
CA 92697-5100

E-mail : scevik@uci.edu